Your Neighbor


“No one can live happily who has regard to himself alone and transforms everything into a question of his own utility; you must live for your neighbor, if you would live for yourself.”

– Seneca

The Pleasant Life


“It is impossible to live the pleasant life without also living sensibly, nobly and justly, and it is impossible to live sensibly, nobly and justly without living pleasantly.”

– Epicurus

Waiting is not Waiting


Not only do we have to be good at waiting, we have to love it. Because waiting is not waiting, it is life … I believe in the appreciation for simplicity, the everyday – the ability to dive deeply into the banal and discover life’s hidden richness – is where success, let alone happiness, emerges.

– Josh Waitzkin

Moral Reasoning


“If you think that moral reasoning is something we do to figure out the truth, you’ll be constantly frustrated by how foolish, biased and illogical people become when they disagree with you. But, if you think about moral reasoning as a skill that we humans evolved to further our social agendas, to justify our own actions and to defend the team we belong to, then things will make a lot more sense.”

– Jonathan Haidt