Tic Talk


“Love to stay and talk, but – wow! – I’m running reeeeeally late – maybe next time!”

Ever notice this perverse trend that makes a Badge of Honor out of having no time?

Amazing really.

Anyone with sufficiently poor organizational skills can pull it off in a snap.

Not that this “sorry – gotta rush!” brownie point might ever be recognized for what it really is.  An inability to budget time sufficiently.  An inability to say no.


Being swamped with obligations and competing interests is, in this particular version of “real life”, a sign of climbing the ladder.  Of becoming a bigger cheese.  Of just being too indispensable to actually connect with the here and now.

To have an actual life.

Anyone with a sufficient lack of know-how can, in this world of alternate facts, roll their work into the prefect wave and surf Life Beach in the full sunlit spray of illusory relevance and value.

This is real work.  Entirely different from some Geek’s obsessive tooling over obscure minutiae.  Entirely different from the shallow prattle of Party People.

This is no game.

We’re talking about a very intense form of self-sacrifice through a programme of really – really – busy work.

If there’s one thing that scares many of us more than anything else, it’s boredom.

We must keep busy.

Keep going.

We wake up and immediately start burying our feelings of disappointment and inadequacy under critically important agendas.

Fires to fight.

Doors to open.

Delights to pluck from the tree of life.

We catch up with the latest news.  The latest movie.  The latest episode of our programme .  The next level of our game.  The latest technology.  The latest gossip.  The latest Trump dump.

The more we increase the pace, the harder boredom snaps at our heels.

Yet, despite all of this catching up, two simple truths dangle just beyond our noses:

           –  boredom is built into everything we do; and
           –  the nemesis of boredom is not work; it is attentiveness.