Have you ever suffered the consequences of misunderstanding something? Experienced the regret of following a path set by one devastating misinterpretation? What can we do to steer ourselves around missteps like these?

Stories are, to us, like water to fish. And like fish in water, we can proceed oblivious to how the tales we tell ourselves define our world, set our expectations, and frame our understandings. While conscious awareness of these stories may be optional, interpreting the world according to them is not.

Telling Tales explores how our inner storytelling can lead to misunderstandings – and strategies we can use to ensure happy ever afters.

This workshop is part of the Essential Life Skills Toolkit series.

fees (taxes included) date time place
$150 (series)
$ 30 (this workshop)
12 May 20192:00 – 4:00 pmYoga De L’éveil
4847 Park Ave
Montreal (map)