What can you do when someone repeatedly violates boundaries? In those frustrating relationships demanding you turn a blind eye to another’s shortcomings? How can you side-step the frustration and impossible-to-win blame games?

One alternative swings the spotlight squarely back onto yourself. What do you value? How do you react under stress? What do you really want? Sticking to your own needs – the stuff on which you’re the world’s #1 expert – takes things in a whole new direction.

Set Standards introduces you to considerations for establishing clear – and constructive – conditions for relationships you want to change for the better.

This workshop is part of the Essential Life Skills Toolkit series.

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$150 (series)
$ 30 (this workshop)
16 June 20192:00 – 4:00 pmYoga De L’éveil
4847 Park Ave
Montreal (map)