The Rewards of Completing Commitments

Kathering KnightKatherine Knight was facing a daunting set of challenges when she first began her coaching sessions with Robert last year. “I was co-directing and co-producing two documentary films in Toronto, Newfoundland and France; preparing new course material for teaching at York University; and about to launch a major house renovation.” Each of these projects involved new ways of working with other people, organizing schedules and negotiating routines.

Katherine’s goal in working with Robert was one that is familiar to many artists earning their principal income outside their art practice: to be the best artist she can be. “Early on I discovered that my most immediate challenge for reaching this goal was to ensure I had the skills, structures and support in place for completing my project commitments on time.” The most ambitious of these commitments was to have Spring and Arnaud, one of the films then in production, ready by year’s end for submission to the 2013 Hot Docs Festival.

still from SPRING AND ARNAUD, 67 minutes, © 2013 site (media)

This year Katherine begins touring for screenings of Spring and Arnaud across Canada, the States and Europe. At the same time, work will be wrapping up on Todd Saunders: Wild Architecture, the second film in production, as Katherine returns to her photography practice for a major show planned for spring 2014. “Throughout, I look forward to continue my coaching work with Robert and developing my ability to become the best artist I can be.”

Spring & Arnaud Official Trailer from Site Media inc on Vimeo.

Katherine Knight is an award-winning photographer known for evocative landscape based photographic works with a strong narrative atmosphere. Katherine’s documentary film work began with the founding of Site Media with her partner David Craig in 2006. In conjunction with her artistic career, Katherine has held numerous management positions in arts and educational institutions, and is currently an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at York University, Toronto.