Quantum Memory Power: Learn to Improve Your Memory with the World Memory Champion!

“If you think about it. We spend two thirds of our lives processing images. From the moment we wake up – even when we’re asleep. When we’re dreaming we’re processing images. So we’re professional image processing machines. So everything that we care to think of – if you want to remember what you had for dinner last night – you’re using imagery… When it comes to things like numbers and playing cards – even names – I decode them. I call it the language of numbers. I have pictures for every pair of numbers. I have a picture for a playing card. .And the way I remember them in sequence is I put them along a journey. A set route.”

– Domenic O’Brien, eight time World Memory Champion and author of QUANTUM MEMORY POWER: LEARN TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY WITH THE WORLD MEMORY CHAMPION!