What happens as control of your time slips through your fingers? As deadlines slide, priorities collide, and emergencies overwhelm the “important” stuff? When best-laid plans crash and burn, how can we get back on track?

So much depends upon our ability to manage time effectively. Our reputations. Our sense of well-being. Our accomplishments. Abandoning our day’s success to the vagaries of chance, best intentions and second-hand priorities spells disaster.

Master Time explores ways to integrate the rigor of clear, consistent structure with the creative flexibility of in-the-moment improvisation into any time-challenged situation.

This workshop is part of the Essential Life Skills Toolkit series.

fees (taxes included) date time place 
$150 (series)
$ 30 (this workshop)
9 June 20192:00 – 4:00 pmYoga De L’éveil
4847 Park Ave
Montreal (map)