Growing Your Business

Wendy was busy running a holistic health practice, but was feeling she should do more. She wanted to grow her business. The task seemed daunting. It took her right outside her comfort zone.

In her first session with Robert, Wendy came to realize that, while she was very capable working with her clients, she was less comfortable with the planning and entrepreneurial aspects of her business. She also felt nervous that introducing marketing and sales practices could close the door on potential clients who wanted meaningful and trusting exchanges with her.

Robert introduced Wendy to some resources that offered solutions for small business owners. Wendy quickly recognized problems she had in common with other professionals in private practice. It confirmed her sense that she needed to go beyond simply being a practitioner with professional skills and experience. She would need to develop new skills and take on other responsibilities if she wanted to grow her business.

With this new understanding, Wendy began working with Robert on how to better manage her time and energy, how to focus on the days ahead and to set out a vision for her company. As for that ambivalence about marketing and sales, Wendy has found a more comfortable way in which she can both respect her own values and her clients’ best interests.

To find out more about Wendy Ayotte and her holistic health practice, visit Wendy’s website Ease Your Emotions and link up with her on LinkedIn.