Getting Satisfaction

NoraNora Page came for coaching shortly after making a career move from journalism to public relations. Nora’s previous job had a punishing schedule and paid only lip service to balancing family and career. Her new posting offered more reasonable hours and the stability she required for her family life. However, there was a problem: Nora’s new job lacked the excitement and creativity of her old job.

Nora’s sense of this problem grew profoundly with the arrival of a new, more corporate, boss whose sentences were peppered with “measurables” and “deliverables.” Her old job, with its variety, intensity and colourful stories to cover may have had its shortcoming but it never ventured into boring corporate speak.

Through her work with Robert, Nora began to identify activities that engage her and make her feel more creative. But instead of seeking it out in her workday, she looked to her leisure-time activities. There, she found biking, gardening, singing and reading to be passions. Nora next mapped out how these activities could be brought together into an action plan. She gave it a playful metaphor: her yellow brick road. Nora quickly saw how she could set aside time for creative pursuits, such as joining a choir or even letting her mind wander – just the kind of thing creativity requires.

Nora’s old line of work provided a creative spark in her life. Through coaching, Nora saw that the creative challenges she craved could be achieved in her off hours – leisure hours her new job provided. Nora could have the excitement and creative outlets she was missing, along with stability that her new job offers.