Feeling Overwhelmed

Megan PenningtonMegan Pennington began coaching so she could sort out things that were overwhelming her. A registered dietician, Megan was planning to set up a clinic for holistic health counselling, the kind of place where clients could bring in other issues that played a role in their overall nutritional health. Her plans included setting up an office, launching some marketing, establishing a French presence and acquiring 10-20 clients.

The whole plan felt gargantuan. How was she going to get all this set up the way she wanted it? How would she serve all of those new clients? For the self-described perfectionist, her recent efforts were not meeting her ultimate expectations, as her vision for the clinic was not being realized.

Her plan needed to be slimmed down, so to speak. Through her coaching sessions, Megan developed a clear overview of her actual needs. She didn’t need to have that full clinic set up right away and so many things ready all at once. She could simply start with one client. And work on some other aspects of the clinic further down the road. The dreams for her nutrition clinic would still be nurtured. She would just be taking smaller bites.

To find out more about Megan and her holistic health counselling practice, visit http://mpholisticnutrition.com/.