Have you ever caught yourself struggling with the wrong challenge? Spending time and energy solving this, when all the time your problem’s been that? What can you do ensure you’re on the right track – particularly when the problem is you?

One common obstacle to positive change comes in focusing on what we are rather than on what we do. It’s so easy to slap self-limiting labels on ourselves rather than step back and check what we might do differently.

Do-Be-Do opens new ways to spur positive change in your life. Your ability to change is not a measure of what you are. It’s a consequence of what you do.

This workshop is part of the Essential Life Skills Toolkit series.

fees (taxes included) date time place  
$150 (series)
$ 30 (this workshop)
14 April 2019 2:00 – 4:00 pm Yoga De L’éveil
4847 Park Ave
Montreal (map)