Rap on Rapport

What happens when negative self-talk stops you in your tracks? Do you start arguing with or correcting yourself? Diving for distractions? Doubting yourself? What can we do to wind down cycles of self-criticism and ineffective reactions?

Time and again, we hear the same thing: “Treat yourself like you’d treat your best friend.” Nice advice, but how? One effective – and surprising – way starts with swapping out self-defensive stances for simple, clarifying questions.

Connect You2 introduces you to ideas for turning your most vicious critic into your most valued collaborator. To connect you with you.

This workshop is part of the Essential Life Skills Toolkit series.

fees (taxes included)date time place 
$150 (series)
$ 30 (this workshop)
28 April 20192:00 – 4:00 pmYoga De L’éveil
4847 Park Ave
Montreal (map)