7 Lessons of Cora’s Crêpes

7 Lessons

This morning I made crêpes using the ingredients passed on last Saturday by Cora Tsouflidou, founder of the Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch chain of restaurants, to a packed audience at TEDx Westmount. The crêpes were both delicious and instructive. In her presentation, Cora introduced the ingredients she uses in her recipe to illustrate the essential elements in her recipe for success in business:

  • Crack a few eggs (for Originality),
  • Splash in some milk (for Focus),
  • Sift in some flour (for Work),
  • Add a pinch of salt (for Doubt)*.

When I spoke with Cora after her presentation, she shared an additional tip for making crêpes: give the flour time to do its work by preparing the batter the night before. On my way home it occurred to me that this tip points to a 5th essential element to success: Patience. A 6th element suggested itself the next day as I began mixing the batter; the ingredients combining into something completely new: Connection. And this morning a 7th element appeared as I was pouring on the maple syrup: Gratitude. Thank you Cora for the inspiration – and the delicious crêpes – and to Hicham Amrani and the marvellous team he brought together to make TEDx Westmount such a great success.

* I particularly like this pinch of doubt – an all too rarely acknowledged ingredient to success.