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Where are you today? Where do you want to be? What’s your next step? Life coaching offers practical, results-oriented ways to make the things you want happen with your personal, career and business challenges:

CLARITY: Realizing purpose, passion and priorities through your intentions, actions and outcomes. What do you want to achieve? Where can you get started? How will you know when you’ve succeeded? Clarity provides direction and focus for initiating and attaining a fulfilling and meaningful life.
COMMITMENT: Aligning motivation, trust and integrity with your values, principals and beliefs. What guides your choices and decisions? Your goals and results? How can you create and grow inner strength, suppleness and stamina? Commitment sets the foundation to get the personal and professional outcomes you want.
CONSISTENCY: Ensuring structure, discipline and accountability in your thoughts, words and deeds. How can you eliminate stress and overwhelm? Ensure future dependability? Make unexpected challenges more predictable? Consistency provides stable frames for exploring creativity and resilience to the full.

Ready to set aside past problems and start creating the change you want?  Life coaching offers a highly effective approach for developing the clarity, commitment and consistency to overcome challenges you face today with outcomes you choose for tomorrow.

3 challenge types

What kind of challenges do you face right now?

Finding permanent solutions to resolve persistent & recurring problems

Developing adaptive options to balance on-going responsibilities & goals

Launching robust ventures to achieve new objectives & opportunities

Discover how life coaching can help you clarify goals, commit to actions and achieve consistent results.  Together we’ll identify your challenges, the benefits you want to realize, and specific steps you can start taking right away.

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Find out what life coaching can do for you.  We begin with a short consultation to ensure that coaching fits your needs.  If all’s good, we continue with a full coaching session.  We’ll clarify your goals,  identify initial steps to get started and set a roadmap of priorities for moving forward.  An initial coaching session is a great way to gain a comprehensive overview of what lies ahead, experience what coaching is like and assess how my approach fits your needs.

Complete sessions last for 1 1/2 hours. The fee for individual sessions is $160 (taxes included), with discount packages available for bookings of 5  and 10 sessions.

Pick a date and time that works for you, or contact me directly for more information.

Google Reviews

Life Coach Montreal
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

Cecilia Thompson
Cecilia Thompson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Robert is a great life coach. I contacted him at a moment when I wanted to transition professionally and he was present to walk me through my options, to provide guidance and to support my decisions. He is a very good listener but also actively engages with you to give you just that other perspective or option, to share real-life examples, and to make you feel that your dreams can come true. I came out of every session optimistic and energized - I felt grounded but reached for the stars.

Steve Rohde
Steve Rohde

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Robert’s positive, forward-looking approach gave me new tools and new perspectives that are helping me move forward in the direction I want to be heading.

Justin Svatina
Justin Svatina

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

During a big transition time in my life, I started working with Robert to gain clarity and perspective to help me make some important decisions. He was instrumental in helping me structure my thoughts and ideas, refine my identity and move forward on my journey with certainty. Robert has an incredible ability to get to the source of a situation or dilemma, and has a knack for helping people exploit their own creativity and approach to solutions!

daniel sun
daniel sun

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I consulted with Robert because I wanted advices other than the people who knew me. Someone, I could trust & would help me realize where I was in life. I was very pleased with Robert's views. I finds it easy to confide myself and remembered how I felt energized after seeing him. Now I'm doing what I really wanted to do and I'm very happy. When I'll need advice about myself, I will consult with him again, first.
Thank you Robert !

Vanessa Seguin
Vanessa Seguin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Meeting with Robert really helped me work through my thoughts to find what I want for myself and my future. I recommend!

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Energize your intentions

 MONTREAL GAZETTE Special Report Read article featuring the coaching experience of Robert’s client Celia Ostroff (April 13, 2012).
MONTREAL GAZETTE SPECIAL REPORT: Read about Celia Ostroff’s coaching experience with Robert.

I really like Robert’s approach. He’s great if you’re unable to see where to start, or not sure what’s holding you back. Robert pays attention. He is a thorough listener with an infectious upbeat manner and offers a casual and comfortable atmosphere. He will energize your intentions and help you get excited about your dreams again. I have achieved many victories with the help of his coaching and have great momentum for getting more done. I highly recommend him.”   – Joni D., Technical Writer


available exclusively on Amazon

In 1990, a young American meditation teacher asks the Dalai Lama a seemingly simple question. “Your Holiness, what do you think about self-hatred?” The Dalai Lama is taken aback. Perplexed. His answer, when it comes, surprises everyone.

“What is that?”

What’s with that puzzled response? Was the Dalai Lama pulling our leg? Was it some translation glitch? Or was he suggesting that a life without negative self-talk might actually be a possibility for each and every one of us?

That’s what this book is about.

You need not be the Dalai Lama – or even a Tibetan monk – to live a life free of negative self-talk. Life coach Robert McFadden has helped hundreds of people just like you turn around their challenging relationships with their inner critic. This book introduces a practice Robert and his clients have developed over the past ten years to reduce and eliminate negative self-talk from your life. A practice you can begin applying right away to create the change you want.

“Every week, I have conversations with people who struggle with the toughest opponent they’ve ever faced. The most obstinate, offensive and obnoxious adversary they know. Their inner critic. Most of these people are quick to recognize their competencies and achievements. Many lead stimulating and rewarding lives. Most enjoy warm personal relationships, exciting professional challenges and excellent health. Still, they all too often wind up slammed against the wall. Confronted by some of the most mean-spirited, contemptuous and debilitating thoughts imaginable. Negative self-talk.”

– Robert McFadden

Love Your Negative Self-Talk
looks at limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors about negative self-talk. How they hold us back from making the choices and changes we want. It also lays out practical ways we can build clarity and consistency in our day-to-day experience. How we can introduce little shifts into whatever we do to open ourselves up to curiosity, compassion and confidence. And more. Integrity.

This book has an important message. You do not have to live bound by limiting perspectives and beliefs. There is a much less costly and far more rewarding approach available. You already have the knowledge, skills and the abilities you need to create the change you want. It all begins with your response to negative self-talk. It’s not a matter of what you think. It’s not a matter of what you intend. It’s not a matter of what you want or wish. And it’s certainly not a matter of what you are. You do not have to feel threatened by negative self-talk. You can turn your most vicious critic into your most valued collaborator.

Here’s how.

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People come to me looking for practical solutions.  Results-oriented ways to make the things they want happen.  They want a partner.  Someone to listen, challenge and hold them accountable for their words and actions.

I help people create the life they want and move forward according to their individual needs, resources and values.  Without imposing ready-made strategies or off-the-rack solutions.


about me
Find out about my path to coaching in Case Study: Ground Zero. For details on my career background visit my page on LinkedIn. Read about past coaching experiences in Google reviews, client stories and tips & strategies.

My professional background integrates over 10 years of life coaching with more than 20 years experience helping people, teams and organizations develop remarkable products, services, cultures and communities.  Before running my own business, I held development and management roles in companies including Microsoft|Softimage, Avid Technology, Aptilon Health and the National Gallery of Canada.

Prior to coach training at the Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies at Concordia University, I completed post-graduate studies at University College London and undergraduate work at the University of Ottawa.

I’m certified as a coach by Concordia University, with past certifications from the International Coach Federation and the Association for Integrative Psychology.



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